Tree Care Tips That Can Keep Your Trees Healthy

Individuals that have several trees on their property, ones they would like to keep healthy, will often work with a local arborist. These are professionals that have gone through proper training, and have experience, in helping to maintain trees. These are individuals that may also have proper certification in the state where they are providing these services. It is very common for an arborist to have either a degree from a college or an ISA certification if they are going to do this for a living. Even if you do not use an arborist, there are essential tree care tips that you ought to know that can help your trees stay healthy. By following these simple suggestions, you should have no problem at all keeping all of your trees as healthy as possible even without an arborist.


Use Mulch Around The Base Of The Tree

Mulch is a very common substance that you can purchase at a local home improvement store or even a hardware store, that is in your community. It comes in a large semi rectangular package, one that is easy to open, allowing you to spread this material quickly around the base of the tree. It is typically made of a combination of bark and leaves, although some mulch may also consist of compost. It serves a twofold purpose which is to insulate the soil from losing moisture, and at the same time, will provide additional nutrients for the roots. By making sure that this is around the base of your trees, this can help them grow. A great tree disease comapny is tree disease fort worth. It is essential to do this when they are younger. Once the tree is larger and has established roots that go several feet into the ground, this will no longer be necessary.

Hire An Arborist For Annual Inspections

In arborist should be brought in from time to time, specifically to evaluate the condition of your trees. Although you might be able to determine if your trees are healthy, you may not notice the early stages of some type of fungal development. Fungi can spread very quickly via spores they will produce which is easily spread through wind and rain. If it is a substantial problem on one tree, it can spread very quickly to the others, which may compromise all of the trees on your property. Tree trimming fort worth, certified by the ISA. By having regular inspections, these problems can be addressed immediately, preventing them from getting worse. At the very least, you will be able to treat the one tree that has the disease, helping it to survive. It will also limit the probability that the disease can be spread.

Always Use Fertilizers

If you do have younger trees, synthetic or organic fertilizers are certainly necessary. If your tree is less than five years old, it is certainly necessary to provide fertilizer on the ground. You can do this by sprinkling pellets which will dissolve as you are watering this will go directly into the root system to give the tree the nutrients that can help it grow and stay healthy. Some of these will include what are called macronutrients. The most common include sulfur, magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and most importantly nitrogen. If a tree does not have access to proper amounts of nitrogen, this can actually compromise the immune system of a tree which can lead to a higher probability of being affected by fungi.

The Importance Of Pruning Your Trees

The reason that pruning is so important is that it serves three specific purposes. First of all, it can eliminate branches that currently have some type of fungal infection. In most cases, this will only be on a few branches by eliminating these before the fungi can spread, you can protect your tree from illness. Second, you should prune your tree if you have a fruit tree. If you have too many branches, and it produces too much fruit, the flavor of the fruit can be compromised. It can also tax the tree significantly, forcing it to draw into many nutrients, which may lead to compromising its immune system. Finally, pruning a tree is necessary from a purely observable value. Pruning allows the tree to look its best. If you can do this in the late fall, when the tree begins to awaken during the early spring, it will have the best possible chance of growing in a healthy manner.

Water Your Tree In Appropriate Amounts

One of the best ways to ensure the success of a new tree, and to properly care for trees that are just a few years old, is to give them plenty of water. If you have just planted one, you will want to water it deeply every day for several weeks, unless you are experiencing quite a bit of rainfall. By doing so, the tree will have the best possible chance of growing strong, allowing it to access both the water and the nutrients in the ground. Hire a tree trimmer fort worth to take care of the trimming with a certified trimmer. As long as you have added proper amounts of fertilizer, this will also help it grow. The only caveat is that you may water too much, and if this occurs, root rot might be possible. Just make sure that the ground is saturated, but not over flooded, and you should have no problem with root rot at all.

These ideas on how to properly care for your trees, young or old, should help you with the ones that you have right now. If you have recently planted new trees, or if you are trying to make sure that your existing trees are as healthy as possible, these tips can allow you to accomplish that task. Trees that get plenty of water, nitrogen, and if there is a mulch cover to keep in the moisture, you should have no problem at all keeping your trees as healthy as possible. Younger trees will grow very well, and older trees will maintain healthy immune systems, allowing them to avoid any potential diseases that could affect their health.